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Shamanic Counseling

Are you seeking guidance or clarity in your life? Are you at a crossroads and are seeking answers? Are you desiring transformation and expansion in your world? Have you been drawn to Shamanic practices or altered states of consciousness, but don’t know where to start?

Developed in the 1980’s by the renowned anthropologist Michael Harner, the Harner Shamanic Counseling method is a 5 session/5 week long experience of Shamanic Journey work with the aim of self-empowerment and personal transformation. In this series, you will learn to be your own Shamanic practitioner! Trained as a Shamanic Counselor, I will serve as a guide and sacred witness to the wisdom and guidance you seek while exploring the Shamanic realms. I will be there to counsel you on the method and help you make sense of the messages, symbols, and experiences you have in altered states of consciousness. 


Through experiences in the shamanic journey and realms, you will have the opportunity to discover your own abilities to obtain extraordinary, practical and wise answers to important personal questions, overcome inhibitory fears, and to acquire self-confidence and incredible heartfelt wisdom.

While this is not a tutorial on Core Shamanism, I will be teaching you how to journey to the lower and upper Shamanic realms. All that is required is an ability to conjure images in one’s mind’s eye, prerecorded shamanic drumming tracks, a note book, headphones and an eye covering! No substances or complex ceremony is required for you to experience profound and life altering transformation and guidance! Shamanic Counseling can also serve as a wonderful complimentary experience to support psychedelic integration.

Each of the 5 sessions are meant to occur consecutively, for 5 weeks. For the greatest impact, you will be asked to not partake in other Journey work—including Psychedelic journeys, holotropic breathwork, and other shamanic practices—during the 5 week process. It is also recommended to not partake in alcohol, substances,  or non-medically necessitated marijuana. 

5 Session Series: $555

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