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Vocal Embodiment Sessions

Are you seeking to connect to the power and potential of your singing voice? Are you seeking techniques to regulate, heal, and empower yourself? Are you hoping to gain confidence in singing? Are you seeking ways to unlock your creativity and connection to yourself?

Vocal Embodiment sessions are not your average voice lessons! In our sessions together, we will be drawing upon meditation, movement, Eastern and Western vocal and breathing techniques, medicine melodies and chants, Emotional Freedom Technique, and many other methodologies to help you unlock and reclaim the healing power of your own voice.


By opening and connecting to the instrument within, you connect to the power, creative energy, and healing sources within yourself. The voice is a tool for unlimited transformation and healing and singing has many spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits. These sessions are for experienced and inexperienced singers alike who are interested in deeply connecting to the healing power and potential of the voice. 


In our Vocal Embodiment Sessions you will:

  • Access the potential and power of your voice to heal yourself (and others)!

  • Tap into the unlimited joy and bliss of singing and fully utilizing your instrument!

  • Gain confidence and comfortability with singing!

  • Move through blockages and limiting beliefs that keep you from accessing the power of your voice!

  • Learn techniques and exercises for optimal resonance and vocal freedom!

  • Gain an understanding of the anatomy of the voice and how to care for your instrument!

Vocal Embodiment Sessions begin as a 4 session commitment. Each session is an hour and a half long. You are welcome to continue sessions after our 4 weeks together, but I ask that you commit to the first 4 sessions in order to give yourself the opportunity and time to transform your connection with you voice.

Vocal Embodiment Series (four 90 minute sessions): $600

Individual 90 minute Sessions: $150

Available virtually or in person.

Interested in booking Vocal Embodiment Sessions? Please complete my Vocal Embodiment Interest Form and I will be reaching out to you soon!

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