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"Goddess of the Night, holding a Light and a potent song in her heart."

I am a sound healing practitioner, singer, ritualist, alchemist, poet, priestess, witch, psychedelic guide, and spiritual coach. I use the tools of sound and vibration, the healing power of the voice, guided meditation, shamanic journeywork, and psychedelic plant medicines (psilocybin) to guide people to discover their own truths, divinity and transformation. 


Born with one foot still in the spirit world, I have spent my life bridging realms, translating for the Divine, channeling sacred songs, creating sacred spaces and exploring altered states of consciousness.  I follow an Earth-Based spiritual path and have nearly two decades of ceremonial and ritual experience. Ancestrally, I come from a long line of singers and musicians and I have learned to fully trust in the healing power of my own voice and in the magic of sacred song and sound. I have also discovered my purpose in igniting and inspiring magic, joy, expression, sexual empowerment and transformation in myself and others. 


I hold space and your tender truths as the kind, caring, constant and grounded Earth Mother, but I break curses, rewrite contracts, and cut away all that no longer serves like the fierce and ferocious Dark Goddess. I am in deep relationship with Psilocybin Mushrooms, the Puget Sound (the Salish Sea), Mama Ocean, the Stars and Cosmos, Big Cat Energy, Butterfly Medicine, Black Snake Medicine and the Element of Fire.


I am a queer, neurodivergent, chronic illness warrior who exists in many margins and fringes of society.  I am a Seattle native, and have also spent several years living in Portland, OR, the Big Island of Hawaii, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I am also an amateur photographer, resin artist, astrology nerd, and Golden Girls fanatic!


I am committed to the liberation of all Queer, Trans, BIPOC, disabled and chronically ill beings. I strive to be a safe harbor for people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, sizes, ages, non-traditional relationship styles, and abilities. If you are a Trans or BIPOC individual in need of spiritual care but are unable to afford it, please reach out to me.

To stay in right relationship with the sacred medicine I work with and the indigenous peoples that psilocybin originates, I donate 7% of all psychedelic proceeds to The Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund.


I am here to meet you where you are, so you may become who you are meant to be!


It would be an honor to get to hold space for you.


​About me:

Avah Lux Abnukta Anu

(Also known as Annie Herring, MA)


Welcome! I am so glad you’ve found me.


My name is Avah Lux Anu (or Annie Herring). I am a sacred space holder and a guiding light for souls seeking transcendence and transformation. As a seeker and maker of magic and meaning, I offer spiritual and psychedelic navigation and vibrational transformation and sound healing for those seeking more than the mundane. 

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My Background and Experience:

I hold a Master’s Degree in Women’s Spirituality with an emphasis in the sacred arts, healing, and women’s mysteries as well as a Certification in Sound, Voice and Music Healing, both from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I have also completed a year long Certification in Psychedelic Therapy and Integration through Vital with Psychedelics Today


I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Human Studies with a Music Minor from Marylhurst University where I extensively studied creative art therapies, Human Process Work, and vocal performance.  I’ve also received post baccalaureate training in Theater Arts and Directing from Portland State University. 


I have completed certifications in Harner Shamanic Counseling (The Foundation for Shamanic Studies), Emotional Freedom Technique (Priority Academy), Spiritual Coaching (Love, Nature, and Beyond), Advanced Angelic Healing (Academy of Ancient Magick), and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching (Transformation Academy). 


I have a professional background of working in healthcare management, behavioral health coaching, human services, education, and the arts. I have also founded, facilitated, and cultivated several spiritual circles and groups for women and queer communities over the years. 


In addition to my academic studies and professional pursuits, I am a published poet and a classically trained vocalist and musical theater performer with over 30 years of performance experience. I have also served as a sacred song and drum leader for women’s ceremonies throughout the Pacific Northwest. I combine a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to my vocal, musical, and vibrational healing modalities.


(Cymatic Imprint of Annie/anu's Voice)

About Fire In The Belly Alchemy:

"Igniting and Inspiring Transformation and Transcendence" 


“Fire in the Belly” is a name that was bestowed upon me over a decade ago by the brilliant author, ritualist, and spiritual advisor, Chief Yeye Luisah Teish. Fire in the Belly is a name that embodies divine passion and the fires of creativity and transformation that burn brightly within. 


Fire in the Belly is also a name that is indicative of my personal journey and struggle with endometriosis, PCOS, chronic illness and multiple pelvic surgeries that have also served as an initiation into my own power, strength, resiliency and magic. Fire in the Belly teaches us that the wound is truly the place where the light gets in. That our pain and struggle are also our places of power and ecstasy. That journeying through our shadow is how we generate our light.


Fire in the Belly is the cauldron within where great alchemical change and life-altering magic occurs. The Fires that burn in the Belly serve as our guiding light–illuminating our pathway through darkness and to the brilliance of magic and transformation. Fire in the Belly is the courage to heal, shift and change. Fire in the Belly is the creative life force and source that surges through all of creation. It is the embodiment of the fierce orgasmic spark that gave birth to the world. Our Fire in our Belly is our seat of power, ecstasy, divinity, and alchemy.


Fire in the Belly Alchemy was formed in 2017 in the Bay Area, after I completed my Sound, Voice, and Music Healing training at the California Institute of integral Studies. In its early days, I focused on offering Vocal Embodiment workshops, Sound Healing workshops, and sound baths. My life path, studies, and passions have shifted and expanded over the years to now include a wide variety of services, focused on altered states of consciousness and transformational powers of sound and psychedelics. I officially made Fire in the Belly Alchemy an LLC in 2022 and am now permanently located back in my hometown of Seattle.

About You:

Are you curious about sound healing or psychedelics? Are you ready to dive into the depths of divinity? Are you ready to alchemize your trauma, anxiety, grief, and despair? Are you ready to activate the power and potential of your own soul? Are you ready to ignite the brilliant fire in your own belly? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Please take a look at my offerings and let me know how I may help guide you on your path of transformation and transcendence! I can't wait to work with you!

Or, if you feel called to work with me but don't know where to start, feel free to book a free 30 minute Discovery Call to help figure out what service will best support your growth and healing!

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