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Welcome, beloved!

Are you seeking more magic and meaning in your life? 

Have you had profound psychedelic or spiritual experiences, but you’re not sure where to go from here?

Are you seeking to come into focus ? 


Click here to enroll!


Healing is messy. Growth and transformation are usually quite uncomfortable. Holding space for these gloriously messy processes is my passion! I am endlessly curious about the wild terrain of your consciousness and psyche.

I am here to help you merge the Mystical with the Mundane!

I am here to help you clear obstacles and blockages that keep you from living a beautiful spiritual life. I'm here to offer you skills and tools for making sense of your mystical experiences and applying psychedelic wisdom to your daily life. I am here to help you become the most authentic, integrated and expansive version of yourself!

I am seeking 1:1 clients who are ready to go deep. Who are ready for the next level. Who are ready for profound and deep transformation. Who are ready to know themselves more deeply. Who are ready for BIG growth and change!


The Glorious Mess Coaching Program will consist of six sessions, over a 12 week long period. We will meet every other week for 2 hours each session.


In these experiential and embodied sessions we will explore:

Shamanic journey work

Vocal embodiment practices

Elemental Magic

Ritual creative practices 

Sound healing and guided meditation 

Somatic practices 

Meaningful coaching and self inquiry


Each coaching session will be customized for the glorious mess you are! Glorious Mess coaching will also include a Integration Guidebook and other ritual supplies.

Sessions will take place at Raven Bodywork in the Central District of Seattle.

Total cost of the 1:1 coaching program: $1500

Ready to Embrace the Glorious Mess that you are??

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