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Night Sky with Stars


"Annie is a gifted and magical guide. She is thoughtful and prepared.

Having never done anything like this, nor having ever done anything that puts you in such an altered state, I had nerves, some I didn’t even know I had until Annie’s clarification and descriptions of the process helped calm them. 

During the entire journey I felt held in her loving care and what I can only describe as magic. We walked through trauma and pain in what literally felt like an exorcism of darkness that had been sitting on my chest, making it harder and harder to breath during the prior months.

By the time we were done, this weight on my chest was gone. I spent the rest of the evening breathing deeply because I finally could. The intensity of the darkness and the difficulty breathing hasn’t returned. 

I still have work and growth to do, for that is life, but the work I did with Annie helped me turn a very dark corner. It is not hyperbolic to say that she helped save my life. You couldn’t be in better, safer, more magical hands. I am so grateful for all of her hard work, knowledge, and magic." ~Jill M

"Annie is a magic goddess! She has the most beautiful voice and a powerful presence. She was fully present to our needs throughout our intention setting ritual, throughout the ceremony, and during the integration session. I appreciate her nurturing guidance and the container of safety she set up for us. She helped guide when needed, and also intuitively knew when to step back out of the way and just hold the space for growth and development, for deep grief and for play. The guide book that Annie has developed is thought-provoking and thorough; many weeks later I am still referencing the material. I highly recommend her services." ~Jess M.

"I came to Annie after multiple attempts at microdosing on my own for depression and anxiety, that left me feeling one foot in the surreal, mystical and one foot in the heaviness of my incarnate reality. I knew I needed some guidance to fully connect with what was trying to unfold within me. I asked the Universe and Annie appeared. She is gentle, yet powerful in spirit. I felt instantly safe, supported and seen in our first meeting. Her sound meditations in themselves are transcendental. Annie takes time with you in setting your intentions, tapping into where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually before, during and after your journey. I felt no judgement, only true care and love from someone who wanted to help me get unstuck." ~Mari T.

"Annie is a beautiful and compassionate angel. Her voice is able to unlock and transcend blocks and/or stagnant energies I am experiencing in the moment. After each session I feel much lighter and blessed. I recommend her!" ~Samantha G.

"I highly recommend Annie as your psychedelic guide. She was attentive, caring, and present from start to finish throughout my process, from understanding what the psychedelics can do for me to the actual journey and integration. Annie brings her whole self - emotional, physical, spiritual, and intuitive presence. It was truly a gift and an honor to do this work with her alongside me."~Luanna S.

"Annie led a journey for me recently and I couldn’t recommend her services more. She prepared me for the experience, set up a beautiful ceremony and walked me through each step of the way. She was patient, thoughtful, and compassionate throughout the entire experience. I took so much away from the journey and it was a truly life changing event. I walked away being able to release my anxiety and became more centered and grounded. Would recommend to everyone!" ~Monica A.

Annie has clear, warm voice and compassionate, competent presence!" ~Samantha B.

"I recently did a journey with Annie and it literally changed my outlook on life. I walked away feeling the most free and unburdened I’ve felt in years. Her skills are invaluable and she has an incredible ability to tap into your feelings. I HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone looking to improve their mental health." ~Megan R.


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