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Ceremony Creation and

Are you seeking a meaningful way to honor a rite of passage or life transition? Are you seeking a facilitator or officiant to lead or conduct a special ceremony? Are you seeking spiritual guidance to create a ceremony that honors your life transition? Are you seeking someone to bless your new space or create a meaningful community ritual?

Allow me to create, craft, or facilitate a meaningful and magical ceremony for you! I will draw upon my 20 years of ceremonial experience and facilitation to help create a powerful, significant, and relevant ceremony or ritual catered towards your own personal rite of passage or life transition. I am also an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and am delighted to create a custom marriage ceremony and officiate your nuptials or hand fasting!


Example of Ceremony Creations can include:



House or office blessings or clearings

First blood/menses rites of passage

Gender transitions and rites of passage

Coming Out ceremonies

Menopause rite of passage

Elder Honorings

Name Changes

Hysterectomy or surgery ceremonies

Divorce or Seperation ceremonies

Cord cuttings

Birthing or Blessingway ceremonies

Trauma Healing Ceremonies


Coming of Age Ceremonies

Death honorings


Baby blessings

...And any other rite of passage or life transition!


I will work with you to identify your needs for honoring and blessing this moment in time or finding healing and transformation.


Rates will be dependent upon the length and preparation time for each ceremony.

Interested in having a ceremony created or facilitated? Please complete my Ceremony Creation and Facilitation Interest Form and I will reach out to you soon!

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